The Beauty by Tu Fu 杜甫《佳人》


[唐] 杜甫







The Beauty by Tu Fu

An unrivaled beauty there is, residing reclusively in the empty valley.

“A woman of a decent household I was,” said herself, “but then scattered into the deep woods.”

“When the rebellions rose in the capital, all my siblings have been slain. 

“What’s the use of being high officials? For even no one could gather their bones for burial.

“The world despises the declined, and the myriad things are like the candlelight trembling in the wind. 

“My husband was a fickle man, falling for his newly married wife who is as bright as jade.

“Even the silk tree flowers follow the time for furling, and the mandarin ducks never sleep alone.

“The smile of his new lover is the only thing man is seeing, whence would he hear me, his former wife weeping?”

The spring water is clear in the mountain, but soon becomes turbid flowing out.

Her maid returns from selling the pearls. They pull up the vines to mend her thatched hut.

Picking up flowers, she never wore them in her hair. But oftentimes she gets a handful of juniper berries. 

The emerald color sleeves, light in the chilling weather, she leans upon the slender bamboos at sunset.


[清] 仇兆鰲 《杜詩詳注》


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