A Poem Sent to Tzu-yu On the Ninth Day by Su Shih 蘇軾《次韻張十七九日贈子由》







A poem Sent to Tzu-yu On the Ninth Day,

Following the Rhyme of a Previous Work by Chang the 17th Brother

Thousands of spears and lances surrounding the bamboo fences,

Delicate wine on this ninth day is not to be enjoyed again, methinks.

The endless official business never seems to come to an end.

Only the chrysanthemums keep their promise and deceive me not.

Those jade pavilions of free and unfettered leisure, how enviable they were!

Yet I have not able to break from the ties of worldly affairs.

For now, let us steal a moment and drink bottoms up.

For another day, leaning upon the long sword, we will find each other in a time of content.


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