Memory by Tsuneto Kyo 恒藤恭「思ひ出」

思ひ出 恒藤恭Memory by Tsuneto Kyo ほのかなる思ひ出ありあざやかなる思ひ出ありいきどほろしき思ひ出ありいともかなしきおもひ出ありThere is memory that‘s dimMemory vividMemory dreadfulAnd memory immensely sad 今もなほ胸ふくらむごときおもひ出あり思ひ出づるもはづかしきおもひでありStill, even now, memoryFilling my heart there isAnd memory embarrassingWhen I recall おもひでこそはいとほしくはかなきものかIs memory nothing butThat of painfulAnd fleeting? 来る日も来る日もわづらはしき世の務めにあわただしくも過ごしつつDays go by and byBy the duties of the troubled worldAmid hustle and bustleDisappearing they all go 時ありておもひ出の網をたぐりよせ忘却の海に立ち向かひつつ寄せてはかへすしら浪のしぶきの中にすなどる人のわがすがたかもThere are times whenOne hauls … Continue reading Memory by Tsuneto Kyo 恒藤恭「思ひ出」


A New Year Kanshi poem by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa

Ryūnosuke Akutagawa 芥川龍之介 (1892-1927), the Japanese novelist known for Rashōmon and Kappa, was also a talented kanshi poet. That is to say, he mastered the delicate art of composing classical style poems in Chinese like those aristocrats did in the Heian period. Living during the Taishō to Shõwa period, he beheld the rapid change of … Continue reading A New Year Kanshi poem by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa