Lyrics: Antinomy

By adding lyrics to Lost Theme of the Brian de Palma film Femme Fatale (2002), Taeko Ohnuki provides a different interpretation of this soundtrack piece by Sakamoto. Antinomy, the result of this collaboration, showcases Ohnuki's perceptive writing and the compatibility between her voice and Sakamoto's music. Both blessed with the fluid, crystal quality resembling water, … Continue reading Lyrics: Antinomy


Lyrics: Four Seasons, Ryuichi Sakamoto & Taeko Ohnuki 四季shiki 四季 Four Seasons 四季曲: 坂本龍一詞: 大貫妙子 Four SeasonsComposer: Ryuichi SakamotoLyricist: Taeko Ohnuki つないだ手に夏の匂い海へと続く道光る波とひとひらの雲遠い蝉時雨 In our held hands nests the scent of summerThe path stretches toward the seaUpon which glisten the waves and wanders a cloudThe chirpings of cicadas from faraway shed like rain 山が燃えて 草は枯れて瞳に秋の色風が立てば心寒く 陽だまりの冬The flaming mountain, the withered grass-In my sights the colours of autumnWind … Continue reading Lyrics: Four Seasons, Ryuichi Sakamoto & Taeko Ohnuki 四季shiki