To the Tune “Fragrant Cassia”, Remembering the Past at Ginling by Wang An-shih 王安石《桂枝香-金陵懷古》


[宋] 王安石



征帆去棹殘陽裡,背西風 ,酒旗斜矗。






To the Tune “Fragrant Cassia” Remembering the Past at Ginling

Wang An-shih

Climb upon the edge, send out my gaze
Now is the late autumn in the old nation
First chill stirrings of weather.
Thousand-mile Yangtze River, clear as silk
Blue-green peaks like bundle of arrows.
Voyaging sails, oars outbound in the fading twilight
Wine shop banners lean aslant against the west wind.
Decorated boats, watery clouds
River reflecting stars, herons take flight
A painting would hardly be enough.
Ponder what has gone!
Rivalry and competing, the rich and the powerful
Now I sigh for the battle at the city gates and the beauty upon the tower,
Sadness and grief follow one another.
Lean from on high at the view,
Mourning in vain, for glory and disgrace of thousand years
The old Six Dynasties flowed away along the water
Here is only cold haze, withered grass with green congealed.
Even to this day, the songstresses
Still sing time after time
The tune that survived: The Garden Behind.


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