Poem Echoing a Previous Work at Nü-wang City by Su Shih 蘇軾《女王城和詩》


[宋] 蘇軾


人似秋鴻來有信,事如春夢了無痕 。



On the 20th day of the first month of lunar new year, I traveled to the suburb in search of spring with the two scholars Pan and Kuo. Suddenly I recalled that we visited the Nü-wang city together the same day last year, so I composed this poem following the rhyme from then

Su Shih

The east wind still holds itself from entering the east gate,

In search of the village I visited last year, I am already on the horseback.

Like the wild geese gone in autumn, people always return with a word;

But as a dream in spring night, myriad things fade away without a mark.

Thick were the cups of spirits in this river town,

Cozy was the smile of elders on the wrinkled face.

Each and every year we will meet here on the appointed date,

For the song Summoning of the Soul, there is no use for my acquaintances to compose.


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